About APEU


The mission of Attachment Parenting Europe is to empower and support parents in understanding their childrens’ growth and development, thus creating the foundations for healthy emotional bonds, by promoting parenting practices based on attachment theory through advocacy and research.


Attachment Parenting Europe (APEU) is a registered charity (“Stichting”) in The Netherlands, a non-profit (member) organization, networking with parents, professionals and like-minded organizations around the world.

In addition to providing assistance in forming Attachment Parenting support groups, APEU collects and distributes information, provides educational materials, research information, consultative, referral
and speaker services to promote Attachment Parenting concepts.

Why APEU was formed

For more than 50 years professionals in the child development and child psychology fields such as John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and Alice Miller have been warning us of the dangers of failing to teach and practice good parenting skills. For a baby it is vital, they say, to foster a reciprocal attachment to a primary care giver. This has also been established by studies into the difference between and the development of human relationships in various cultures, as well as medical research: the investigation into, among other aspects, the values of breastfeeding, touch and physical nearness. Thus insights from practical, medical, psychological and anthropological backgrounds come together to reveal alternatives in parenting: attachment parenting.

Amongst our goals is the aim to inform society of the psychological and emotional needs of babies and young children, and the possible serious social consequences when these needs are not met. We are a forum for parents and professionals, and strive for developing appropriate standards and guidelines to aid policy makers and child advocacy agencies in promoting the attachment process. Furthermore we are developing educational materials for parents and children.

Contact information

Attachment Parenting Europe
Donaustraat 158
8226 LC Lelystad,
The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)320 257778
Fax +31 (0)320 258098
Chamber of Commerce number (KVK number) 41216221

We will be pleased to hear from individuals, groups and organizations worldwide and if you are searching for a supportive group, or if you have views to share, information to give or are interested in receiving a supportive publication (newsletter) you are invited to contact us.

Any donations will be gratefully accepted.

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